ZR2Steve's Modifications & Accessories

This guy likes to do a lot of exploration and camping with his 2001 Tacoma (sound familiar?) and he has done some really great things with it... things that you don't often see in the Tacoma community. And that's why I wanted to profile his truck on my website. He's done some very clever stuff! Some of the items not detailed in the articles below are a positive-pressure system for his camper (keeps ALL dust out), a computer system with moving map software, and vehicle temperature monitoring alarms, to name a few. If you have any questions for Steve, you can email him

Check out a video (7.28MB) of the new camper bed that Steve has been working on. I can almost guarantee you haven't seen this method before... (right click and "save target as")

Dual-level bed video
Some items stored below bed (pic)
Items planned for new storage system (pic)

And here are some pictures of the flip-down flat screen color LCD and computer bay that he has for his computer/GPS setup. Can you imagine watching your position out in the back country... displayed on such a huge screen, with full color hi-res USGS topo maps, or full color Satellite images? NICE! When he is driving, the custom arm mount flips the screen up out of the way and fastens it to the ceiling and the computer docks into the storage area to keep it out of the way and clean.

Computer Screen
Computer bay - Pic #1
Computer bay - Pic #2

Installation Articles

Auxiliary Battery

Hood Lock

Water Tank w/Pump and Spigot

Full Time Power Outlets

Transmission Vent Extension