Transmission Vent Extension

Please note: The following text and photos are provided by ZR2Steve and are modifications that he has made to his own 2001 Toyota Tacoma. This article is not intended to suggest that anyone else should add this modification to any vehicle, nor is it intended to be comprehensive instruction. The owner of this website, and it's contributors and editors cannot be held responsible for any damage done to any persons or property due to modifications as shown herein. If you wish to perform or install such modifications as illustrated on this website, you must do so at your own risk.

(Automatic Transmission Vent Extension for 2001 Toyota Tacoma with V6)

To find your trans vent tube, look down between your firewall and the engine. You should be able to see it at the base of the bell housing. I have never looked under the hood of the 4cyl or a manual trans truck, so that set-up may be different. To extend the vent tube I removed the stock tube by removing the holding clip and the bolt using a 10mm universal socket with a long extension, and prying the tube out of the trans. Once the bolt is removed the tube can be slid straight back, but it may need a little wiggle (tech term). NOTE: Removing the tube is easy, I had a very hard time reinstalling it, so make sure you can get it back in, otherwise you will only make things worse. If you have smaller hands than me it might be easier, but it is still hard to see what you are doing with your hands in the way. Here is a picture of the tube after removal.

I then cut the small cap off the top of the stock vent tube and welded a 5/16 x 12Ē steel brake line ($2 at Napa) to it. I didnít use a rubber tube because the vent is real close to the exhaust crossover pipe and I didnít want anything that would burn, melt, etc. in that area.

At the end of my 12Ē extension tube, I kept the flair on the top end of the brake line and clamped a rubber hose to it.

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