The very first thing that I tried was actually before I lifted the suspension. I had the stock leaf packs with the original Bilstein shocks that came with the Toyota TRD package. The stock components were not up to the task, and as soon as any weight was added to the bed, "body roll" was apparent.  "Axle wrap" is another scenario I encountered with the stock rear suspension. I simply added some KYB gas-adjust replacement shocks and immediately noticed an improvement. After installing the camper shell, cargo deck, and roof rack, I wanted a temporary setup to keep the newly added load sitting level, as the stock leaf packs were sagging.  I added some simple "helper springs" from Checker Auto Parts. These were actually thin coil springs that fit over the KYB shocks. While these coils kept the truck sitting level with the custom load, they didn't do a very good job at controlling the load out on the trail. The rear end was too bouncy and sloppy, so it restricted trail travel to a slow pace.

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