The temporary setup served its purpose, and my next move was to lift the entire suspension. At the same time, I added the Sway-A-Way adjustable coilovers up front, and I took the stock leaf packs to American Spring in Flagstaff, AZ. to have them re-arched with extra leafs added. The spring shop ended up adding two leafs to each pack, and this worked really well for quite a long time. I used these custom leaf packs with the stock shackles, and a pair of Bilstein shock absorbers. To see the installation of the Bilstein shocks, click here. After some time, the Bilstein shocks began to fade, and the springs began to lose their control of the load. I replaced the Bilsteins with some Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks and added Downey shackles to gain back some of the suspension performance that I was losing. The Ranchos seemed to help considerably in controlling body roll, and the new shackles allowed more articulation and helped to lift the rear back up a little bit, although the springs were really only sagging noticeably when loaded for a trip.

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