Sharon discovered two of these STRANGE Fish washed up on the shore near Punta La Gringa. They were both still alive, but not doing well. They were marvelous to look at, with fantastic colors and they were quite large. Both measured approximately 9 1/2 feet long. They had a "pug" face, long salmon pink, transparent "feelers" coming off the head, and the same color "ribbon" dorsal fin along the full length of the back. Their tails were stubby. At the time, we had NO IDEA what they were. After leaving, and during the rest of the trip, no one could identify them.

Since posting this website, the fish were identified by fellow TTORA member "SMITTYMIKE" as Oarfish. Apparently, they are not all that common. We wish we had known this because we would have documented it much better, and taken alot more photos! I guess they are meant to remain somewhat mysterious. I feel very lucky to have seen them and been so close to them that day.

Baja Map