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Expedition 2000

On January 1st 2000, my wife Sharon and I began a wonderful journey into Baja Mexico. We had planned this for quite some time, and we were prepared to travel "self contained" around the entire peninsula with no schedules, no commitments, and no expectations. It was an experience we will treasure forever.

We ended up staying for 117 days (four months) and we logged 4,506 miles. 75% of our nights were spent camping, either with the truck or somewhere in the tent. The other 25% were in hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, bungalows, palapas and the like. We visited 9 hot springs and were able to soak in 5 of them.

I think we shot over 20 rolls of 35mm film. We did not have a digital camera. So, the images you will see are scanned copies of the original prints, and as a result are not of very high quality. But I hope you enjoy them.

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