Water System - Part II

Next I slid the pump unit into the tank. This was a very snug fit. I wrapped two large tie-wraps around the pump so I would have something to pull on if I ever need to remove the pump. Once the pump was installed I wired it up to the battery and put a switch next to the water nozzle at the rear of my shell. Here is what the tank looks like installed. As you can see, it is in an unused and hard to get at spot in the camper.

I used a pull-on, push-off type of switch instead of a toggle or rocker type switch, because on a bumpy road, something could hit the switch and start the pump. A pull switch is hard to accidentally knock into the "on" position.

This picture turned out to not show the switch, but believe me, its right behind the left hand :-) Also you can see the bottle being filled.

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