Hood Lock - Part II

Before bolting up the lock end of the cable I routed the cable into and through the engine compartment. The cable latch end is located just in front of the battery. After routing the cable thru the firewall I installed the cable hosing lock ring per the directions.

I installed the locking latch in front of the battery; this is to protect the access to the battery, fuse-relay box, and alarm horn. As you can see I used the battery hold down support bolt to secure the latch. This makes for a strong mounting location. I had to file a little of the stock bolt, but if you learn from my installation, you may not need to file anything. Looking at the picture, the latch "Lock Pin" is in the locked position. To open or close the hood, the "Lock Pin" needs to move to the left in it's holder.

I did not use the "Hood" lock brackets that came with the lock kit, but made my own. It made for more work and a lot more fit time but I like the way mine works better. I'm not sure it is worth the extra work, but that would be your call. Here is a picture of the lock pin receptacle that fastens to the hood.

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