Rear Bumper - (continued)

Here you can see that the rear tubes are tucked well under the tailgate.
Now it was time to start bending some tube. This is the bender that we used.

The first bent piece was the top tube that basically took off from the same point on the 3/8" plate as the rear cross-tubing, giving the illusion that it is one continuous piece of tubing that wraps around the entire back end of the truck.

We had fun coming up with the lower part of the quarter panel guards. Like I said, it's organic, and it just kind of "happened" :-) So the next piece of bent tube started much like the first - beginning at the 3/8" plate where the front cross-tubing was located. But this one turned down, and then wrapped around the corner.

This gave a unique appearance to the quarter panel protection when viewed from the rear, and maximized available clearance under the truck in the area behind the rear tires and springs.
Next was the rear hoop. On my truck, we measured and fit this piece so that it would remain slightly lower than the rear edge of my auxiliary fuel tank when taking the departure angle of the truck into consideration. The bottom of the hoop was also angled forward when compared to the attachment points at the top.

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