Currently, there are quite a few different options available for the Tacoma IFS. Adjustable, bolt-on coilover units are now available in different sizes, some with larger diameter shock bodies (2.5"). Varying styles in design and appearance offer more choices for the contemporary Tacoma enthusiast. Also available are replacement upper A-arms to further customize the bolt-on applications. Typically, these top arms will allow more down-travel (approx. 1"). Some enterprising fabrication specialists have taken it a step further and offer Long Travel (LT) kits that are almost bolt-on, but require some cutting, welding, and attention to proper setup. These include completely new upper and lower arms, with custom shock mounts and even race-style bump stops and limit straps. The arms on these kits are longer to achieve more travel, and by doing so, they provide a wider stance. The wider stance requires fiberglass fenders to allow clearance for the new pattern of travel that the tires will have. Some notable products from basic to long-travel are:

Bolt-on, adjustable coilovers (2.0")   Sway-A-Way   Fabtech   Downey   Bilstein

Bolt-on, adjustable coilovers (2.5")    Sway-A-Way   Donahoe   King   Fabtech Dirt Logic  Camburg

Upper A-arms    Total Chaos   Camburg   Inland Trucks

Long Travel    Total Chaos   Camburg   Inland Trucks   ESB Fabrication  

Here are just a few photos and some text for anyone who is curious about the Sway-A-Way units and would like to see some more detail. (Keep in mind that the photos shown are of the older version of this coilover.) Click on the images below for more commentary.