Front Bumper - (continued)

This photo gives an idea of where the front tube is in relation to the corner of the body.
Here is the bumper sans skin and off the truck. A nice marriage of the old and the new.

Aluminum plating was fitted and shaped to provide the skin. The top is diamond-plate to create a no-slip surface for standing on, or placement of gear and tools. The plates are fastened to welded tabs using button cap screws. A pair of LightForce 240 Blitz lamps were also added.

After the LightForce lamps were mounted, a light hoop was added for the final touch. Here is a shot prior to the paint application. After it was all said and done, this bumper weighs a little more than I had hoped for, at approximately 78 lbs. But I am really happy with it!

Receiver shackle mounted and in use as a jacking point for the Hi-Lift jack.
The finished product on the trail.

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