Here is a beautiful picture of the longer Bilstein shocks. The stock shocks are actually two different lengths. The passenger side is about 1" longer than the driver side. You can get two different length replacement shocks to compensate for this, or you can just get two of the longer ones depending on how much travel you need. I got the longer shock for both sides.

The Bilstein part numbers and lengths are:
BE5-6252-HO for 8" of travel - 21.5" ext. 13.5" compressed (1.5" - 2" lift applications)
BE5-6253-HO for 8.5" of travel - 22.5" ext. 14.06" compressed (2" - 2.5" lift applications)

Currently, Bilstein does not make these shocks with a bushing that will fit the Tacoma. So, you will have to get some universal 3/4" hourglass style bushings to replace the Bilstein bushings. I got a set of Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings from my local 4WD shop (Iron Springs 4WD). The standard color is black, but they can be ordered in red, and I believe, yellow. (They are installed on the above-pictured shocks) The colored bushings may take longer to get. Energy Suspension is a widely used product and can be ordered through many local and on-line dealers. Be careful not to pay too much for them. One on-line vendor quoted me $21.00 for a set shipped to me. I paid $7.58 for them locally. You will need (4) bushings, one for each shock mount.

The Energy Suspension part number is: 9.8108 (be sure to specify the color)

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