Front Bumper

On my first run with the AZ TTORA group, I met a guy named Dave Tucker that had a front bumper on his 2001 Double Cab Tacoma that really impressed me. I talked to him about how he designed and built it with the hopes of maybe making one like it. I recently found out that Dave was selling the bumper so I immediately contacted him and bought it.

I really think this bumper is suited to my truck because it is simple and functional. I didn't want to add more weight than I absolutely had to, so this is just what I needed.

Dave helped me install the bumper. We began by removing the stock "Tupperware" and marking with tape where we wanted to trim it. We used utility knives with fresh blades. The turn signal lamps you see had to be eliminated, so I relocated the turn signals to the corner marker lenses. While I was at it, I changed the corner lenses to clear. I will eventually add a write-up on the blinker conversion.
Here is the stock bumper replaced, with about two thirds of the Tupperware cut off. Also notice the "caps" have been removed from the front of the frame. This is where the bumper will mount to the truck.

It was a very close call, as we discovered that the 2001 Tacoma front end was slightly different from my 1998. It was a VERY tight fit. But, it worked. I will have to drill the bottom of my frame rails to accept some 3/8" self-tapping bolts.

The mounting points are shown here.

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