Bilstein Installation (Page II)

This is a pictorial version of the installation that I did on my Tacoma. It is a record of my own personal experience and is NOT intended to be a replacement for the manufacturers installation instructions.

Here is the left side completed. Notice the close proximity of the shock body to the leaf pack. This is a cause for concern with longer travel, because as the rear axle articulates further, the leafs may contact the shock body causing damage to the shock. Many Tacoma owners have relocated their shock mounts, and that is what I intend to do as well.

Here is the right side completed. Notice how the emergency brake cable was contacting the leaf springs while the brake was engaged for this photo. The additional leafs caused this and the cable had to be elevated to compensate for it. See the Brake System Modifications page for more info.

And finally, if you lift the rear suspension (not a body lift), you will also need to raise the Brake Proportioning Valve (BPV) lever approximately the same distance. See the Brake System Modifications page for more info.

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